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Down at the hardware/software interface lies a specialized world of real-time requirements, hardware constraints, and layers of firmware & software. EQware can work at any of these layers, achieving the best performance possible out of your hardware design. Maybe you need to have an operating system ported to your latest platform, or your new component needs software support. Maybe your project needs functionality that doesn't currently exist! Our embedded services can keep you moving forward.

New opportunities and new challenges require new skills, which your team may not have. Whether you’re searching for permanent resources or just want to supplement your current team, EQware can keep your project moving.

Let EQware support you by providing the experience you need to stay on-schedule and in-budget. We have thousands of hours of experience on scores of projects — in all phases of project planning, development, and testing, on both sides of the hardware/software interface. EQware has the skills to make your product goals a reality.

Trusted to solve the most difficult technical issues.
EQware provides high-quality embedded firmware in a timely fashion. They have been an essential part of our LabQuest product team and can be trusted to solve the most difficult technical issues.
— John Wheeler CEO, Vernier Software & Technology
Facilitated a clean project hand-off
EQware quickly brought our Life Sciences product to life, enabling further analysis by our scientists and release to our OEM customer. EQware engineers worked closely with our team on everything from requirements to ADC component evaluation to external test tools. They also facilitated a clean project hand-off to a newly hired firmware engineer. I highly recommend them!
— Chris Freitag Principal Engineer, Phoseon Technology
This is the place to go!
Dennis and Jim are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. If you could use some extra thinking caps on any kind of software or tech project, this is the place to go!
— Kai Jorgensen EQware engineer

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